Gaming Console Repair

Gaming Console Repairs

PCQuikFix Gaming Console Repair: Red Ring of Death? Yellow Light of Death? Unreadable Disc? Cracked Screen?

As gamers, we rely on our gaming consoles to be there when we need to blow off some steam. But what happens when you wait up all night for a midnight release, get home and rip open the game case (without an instruction booklet, of course), and your console doesn’t respond. We’re here to help.

PCQuikFix has been offering gaming console repair since 2008 and have worked on every system all the way back to Atari. All repairs are done in-house and are never sent away to a 3rd party. Some common issues include:

  • Red Ring of Death or Yellow Light of Death
  • Bad / Burned Out Laser
  • Disc Errors
  • Cracked Handheld Screens
  • Scratched Game Disc ($5 to repair)
  • No Picture / No Sound

Would you kindly bring your gaming console into PCQuikFix for repair?